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Stirling Engine & Generator

  • A further development of our popular Stirling Engine. Working generator with power takeoff. Switch on the bulb and see the engine slow down as power is generated.
  • Ideal for home or school use.
  • High quality CNC batch production ensuring quality.
  • All working parts visible due to the unique transparent construction.
  • All parts supplied to make this fascinating model.*
  • Full instructions & drawings included.
  • Unique construction - 24cm long, 26cm high, 16cm wide.
  • 106 components. Meths gas ring burner.
  • Complete kit includes generator.
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Stirling Engine

You can build this fully working Stirling cycle engine without machine tools. A screw driver, file, allen key and glue is all that is required to assemble this kit.
All parts are precision made using the latest hi-tech CNC machining facilities to ensure quality and consistency.
You can watch all the working parts including all internal parts due to the unique transparent construction.
Easy to use methylated spirit heat source, can be modified to use the heat of the sun

  • Unique construction - 22cm long, 15cm high, 10cm wide, 10cm diameter flywheel.
  • 34 high quality components, wooden base included.
  • Guaranteed to work.**
  • Made from glass, aluminium, brass and plastic.
  • All parts and instructions included in kit.*
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Stirling Engine Generator. Now available - an easy to fit generator/motor for your LK2. Supplied as a fully machined kit with instructions.
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Low Temperature Engine

This high quality kit allows you to build a fully working hot air engine that will run off the heat of your hand**. The kit contains 26 fully machined components of glass, aluminium, plastic and steel and 3 pages of instructions/drawings.
The unique construction allows you to observe all working parts in operation enabling understanding of this fascinating method of extracting power from heat! The model can also be run from an ice cube!!

  • 14cm high, 11cm wide.
  • A low temperature differential hot air engine.
  • Unique construction, all working parts visible.
  • Supplied as a full machined kit with instructions for easy assembly, no machining required and all parts supplied.*

* except glue
** subject to correct assembly

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