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Bremen Stirling engine castings and drawings

  • Shown here is an original Bremen Caloric pumping engine with our casting set prototype
  • These engines were used to pump water from a well or stream to storgae tanks in remote locations
  • The burner could be powered by natural or artificial gas, pertol or alcohol
  • This is not a difficult engine to build but would suit those with larger machinery such as a Colchester lathe or similar
  • Comprehensive book of drawings including parts list, exploded assembly drawings & single page part drawings, 53 pages
  • Castings include base plate, crank support, flywheel, crank arms, lower beam, pump body, cylinder block, power cylinder cap, upper guide, upper beam & two name plates
  • Material includes displacer tube, spun liner & piston heat shield
  • Additional material will be required
  • Impressive engine standing 40" tall, 13" wide, 11.5" dia flywheel (approx) with working water pump


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Robinson Stirling engine castings and drawings

MARCH'23 OFFER £435 inc UK p&p

  • This model is based on a surviving example originally displayed at the Brighton Engineerium
  • It is a half size model with a power cylinder bore of 2"
  • Castings, materials and drawings for home machining
  • Comprehensive book of drawings, inc exploded views.
  • Castings include 3 legs, displacer cylinder base, displacer shroud, main bed plate, power cylinder, crank disc, crank pedestal and flywheel
  • Material includes displacer cylinder cover (pressing), displacer piston ends (two pressings), displacer piston tube, linkage parts (6), piston & crank rod
  • Can be built on a Myford or similar
  • Ideal beginners model with easy to handle parts & simple components
  • 18" tall 12.5" long 8" dia flywheel (approx)
  • Additional material will be required


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Henry - An ideal beginners engine!

  • Henry is a non concentric cylinder Stirling engine in the classic style
  • This model takes its inspiration from the air cooled Heinrich HA type engine from the turn of the last century
  • The crank is supported on two cast "A" frames and the cylinder on four round columns
  • 9 castings in alloy, basic materials & fixings
  • Comprehensive book of drawings, inc exploded views.
  • Largest diameter is the flywheel at 4" diameter


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